Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ups and Downs of Family

         There is a family that meets with the church in the Mangabeira neighborhood, that has had its share of ups and down. The parents were baptized several years ago, but haven't been constant in their faith, a case of the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

          Lately they have been showing more dedication, because their family is reaping the consequences of not putting Christ first, the enemy attacking what is most precious, their teenage daughters.

          I received this week a prayer request from the grandmother. She said that one of the daughters has been so rebellious that her father hit her. She packed her stuff and left with some friends, showing up four days later all dirty and scratched at her grandmother's house, disappearing again until the writing of the article.

          This same week the father called up Raniere Vieira and said that his other daughter wanted to be baptized. It took a couple of days for Raniere to arrive from a trip, and when he did, one had turned into two, her friend also deciding to give her life to Jesus. Tragedy and great victory wrapped up in the same family      Putting Christ first in our families is not a guarantee that Satan will not attack, but Jesus is stronger than anything that he can do. The worst thing we can do is put our guard down, stop praying, leave the Word closed on the shelf, while we and our kids are being fed internet, social media rubbish. No wonder so many families are being destroyed. Please pray for this family and their two girls, and the friend also born again.

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