Tuesday, October 4, 2016


            Monica Newlin, Edda McKinney, and Fátima Vieira studied the Bible with Lilian last year. When asked if she wanted to be baptized, she said she wasn't ready. Whether problems of faith or family, she really wasn't ready, but continued to meet with the Manaíra church, the one meeting in Irene's beauty salon.
          This year, Lilian asked me what lacked for her to be baptized, an Acts 8:36-37 moment. Her husband and son came to her baptism. We were so happy for they had never shown interest before.

          They also came to the following Sunday meeting. God is in control. He knows whether her delay in decision has a purpose in reaching the whole family. I don't know, but He knows. Please pray for Lilian and her family.

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