Monday, October 3, 2016

Last Mission, by Jeremy Newlin

          Traveling, Traveling, Traveling.  I have been there and done that.  I have traveled at least once a month, every month for the past five years.  A lot of months, I traveled two or three times a month.  I slowed down after Dylan asked if I could set up a time in my agenda for me and him to play together.  I felt my eyes swell with water.
          I traveled once more to the interior, along with Raniere Vieira, Júnior and Roberto.  For three of us, it would be our last PORMISSOES meeting.  The state-wide meeting to encourage, plan and care for one another.  Raniere, Júnior and myself will be moving at the end of the year. 
          I was encouraged by the group and their vision as they discussed future meetings and began to dream together.  Sure, they seemed to still be waiting on instructions from someone to tell them what to do from now until the next meeting but that is all part of the growing process. 
          The last meeting I may ever attend.  I saw God, working, helping others dream and begin to plan.  This is God’s mission.  It is His plan to save the World.  He is still active in and through His church.  In God we trust, not in nations, presidents or business models.  In God.
          Please pray that God will bless these men as they give their lives to Him, bless the plans and give vision to His church in Paraíba, and spread His gospel throughout the state of Paraíba.

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