Monday, September 12, 2016

Planning Anyone?

            Planning seems like something that everyone knows how to do.  I mean we all buy houses, cars, eat three meals a day, etc…, right?  Well, a couple of weekends ago I was helping a congregation learn how to plan.  I explained the steps of planning; vision, why, where we are now, how to get to our vision from where we are and how to constantly evaluate if we are still on track.
            I also taught and preached from the book of Ephesians.  I explained the context, the confusion a lot of people have about predestination and what God's wrath is, how it is all around us and how the Gospel saves us from His wrath here and now.  I spoke on listening to our conscience and studying God's Word to train our conscience.  

            It was a quick trip but a very good one.  On the way back to João Pessoa, I came a different way.  There was almost no traffic on this road for about 50 miles.  I went a very slow 35 to 50 mph as I gazed at the mountainous landscape.  Almost no plant life, for lack of water it could have been very ugly but I saw beauty.  As I was driving and observing, I thought about this trip being one of my last.  This world is not our home, we are just passing through.  I can't wait to get home.
God bless you all