Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vacation Bible School and Fun Bible School

      This year, Vacation Bible School’s theme was The Kilimanjaro Safari, using Proverbs to teach children to use their eyes, their ears, their mouths, and their hands and feet to glorify God. That’s what the children learned; what we learned was that teaching children about Jesus is not only fun but worthwhile.  Something else we came to realize was how hard it is going to be to have VBS next year without Monica Newlin putting so much time and work into organizing it. The Newlins are moving back to the US at the end of the year and will be greatly missed.

       This year, though, we have tried something different. We have transformed Sunday School into Fun Bible School, based on some ideas from the Journeyland Program that the Hermosa church in Artesia, NM, introduced us to. We invite the visiting kids to continue coming to church to participate in mini workshops: gardening, cooking, acting, etc., each workshop geared around a Bible message. Then at the end of the month, the children make a presentation for their families of what they have learned.

       Pray with us that Fun Bible School can bring in more families to meet Christ.

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