Monday, April 25, 2016

Hope for Paraiba by Jeremy Newlin

          I traveled to Patos on the 23rd of April to meet with the men of the desert region (yes, that is what that region of the state is called), I know you are probably thinking of the Sahara or Death Valley, it is not sand dunes and mirages but it is hot and it does not rain a lot. (I was not trying to rhyme). 

          Truth be told, I really did not want to go to this meeting.  I was feeling a little depressed.  I went anyways.  I would usually ask someone to go with me for the 4 ½ hour trip and to meet with the men but I wanted to be alone.  Anyways, enough about me.

          I am glad that I did go.  These men are encouraging to be around.  They are visiting one another.  They are planning activities together and thinking about how to evangelize their region of the state.  The PORmissões plan (Organic Missions Plan) is being put into action.  They wanted me to be at the meeting to give my insight and help them plan steps in a long-term plan. 

This first meeting was directed by one of their own, Betinho.  He did a great job and the meeting ended with a mission statement being chosen and plans to be made and brought to the next meeting, the beginning of June.

I left the meeting excited, uplifted, and hopeful.  The state of Paraíba will be fully evangelized one day, God’s Word will reach everyone; it may be after I am long gone, but it will be done.  Please pray that God will bless these men and their plans and guide them in planning so that His Word may reach more people in less time.

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