Monday, August 8, 2016

Becoming a Fisher of Men

          Far, far away in a little town called Diamond, there lived a fisherman named Heleno. Though it sounds like it, this is no fairy tale. Heleno’s wife became a Christian last year, the only one in Diamond (Diamante). She is Ivani’s sister, whom Francinaldo and Ivani have visited two or three times a year since they became followers of Christ.
          Every time they go,  Solange gathers family and neighbors to study the Bible. Most times Heleno would be out fishing, but he would hear the message some times. This and his wife’s example finally became enough for him to come to a decision.
          They traveled to João Pessoa, spent the weekend here and we studied the Bible. Since Heleno doesn’t read well, I drew pictures to help him better understand why sin is such a problem in our lives and why only Jesus can resolve it.  He understood despite my lack of drawing talent.
          He was baptized, and went back to his hometown a new man, armed with my stick figure drawings to share what he has learned with others. Heleno and Solange may be simple folks, but they are God’s representatives now in Diamond, and with God on their side many people can be caught in the Gospel net in that city.

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