Monday, May 2, 2016

Prayer Requests

Reinaldo is a dear brother here in João Pessoa. His weakness is alcoholism, with the accompanying spiritual highs and lows. The Men's Group will meet in his house tonight with the hope of strengthening him once again. Please pray that he will trust in God's grace enough to not give up.

Iremar is another brother with a long road ahead of him health wise. He is 78 years old, and is in the hospital after a heart attack, valve replacement surgery, double pneumonia. He has the will to live, and his family can't wait to get him out of the hospital. Please say a prayer for him also.

Lindomar is a simple man living on a farm, at one time a Assembly of God preacher. We are studying the Bible together. He is tired of church politics, and is open to the simple teaching of God's word. Please pray for him, his family (his wife is not too happy about the directions he is taking), and for the little rural Pentecostal church he is helping with. They have a choice to make, because he confronting doctrines and teaching what he is learning that the Bible says. Let God be in control of this situation.

Flavia Folkeman is a dear sister who has had some rough family issues, lots of pressure, lots of difficult people to deal with, along with a new grandbaby to raise. She sent me this message last night: "I am under a spiritual attack. I can't go to the church meeting. Always something happens that keeps me from it. I am getting weak. Help me."  Let us all help her, your prayers along with the encouragement of brothers and sisters here.

God bless each one of you who takes time to pray for the Mission in Paraíba.

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