Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Financial Peace To Brazil

It is good to talk to you again.  I have been travelling for the last four weekends. In two cities I taught Financial Peace.  The great news about that is they asked me to teach it.  There have been a few congregations that make that request.  The first congregation I taught the course, Monica was able to go with me, which is a rarity.  I am excited about these congregations because they want to continue teaching the course without me.  I think, since the church knows this is my last year in Brazil, more people are interested in not only participating in the class but actually learning how to practice the steps and to teach others too.
Make no mistake, this is a spiritual class.  I teach contentment as the foundation principle.  Without contentment, you could lose your soul.  There is an absence of knowledge on how to administer what God has entrusted to each one.  Most were just never taught.  The focus of the class is to administer what God has entrusted and to invest in His Kingdom, living out the words of our Lord Jesus, as the apostle Paul quoted Him saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts 20:35.  I challenge those who take the class to think about the way they are living now, then I ask them, "Do you believe that what Jesus said is true?"
Whether we believe it to be true or not, it is the truth. 
Please pray:
·         That the body of Christ all over the world will live God's Word and make friends with what God has entrusted us, so that they may meet us in heaven when our Master returns to take us home.

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