Monday, March 28, 2016

AME 2016

       Diego dos Anjos presenting AME Class 2016:

João Vieira, Eduardo Marques, Antônio Silva, Débora Amaro, Giselle Souza, Hannah Nascimento, Gabriela Pimenta, Nathali Paz

           I glorify God because in the midst of so many distractions this entertaining world offers, the uncertain future of job availability, and the allure of families’ comfort zones, eight young people said “yes” to God’s call to do something more, something way beyond just being a lukewarm Christian that is so common in the modern church.

          The Adventurers in Evangelistic Missions program here in João Pessoa is beginning its fourth year with young people from the cities of Recife, Fortaleza, Santa Cruz, Salvador, and the country of Bolivia. For them, leaving home for the first time is an adventure, and we pray that God will use us to prepare them during the next eight months for the challenges they will face on the mission field.

          In the first two weeks of the program, these young people have studied the Bible, visited, evangelized, set up personal Bible studies (though some were really nervous since they had never done that before), traveled to a youth camp, and one resolved to be baptized, since he had doubts about whatever he did before.

          Eduardo went with me to the midnight Chinese restaurant Bible study. I saw him going up to workers who don’t even participate in the study and asking them, “What do you think about God’s love?”

          They are learning to cook, to clean house, manage their finances, but what really brings a smile to their faces is when opportunities to serve others turn up. So I am looking forward to making a difference in these servants’ lives and vice versa.

        Please pray for these young people, giving their lives to serve God in His Kingdom, and say a prayer for us the teachers, that we will have wisdom to instruct and put wood on their fire.

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