Monday, March 28, 2016

AME 2016

       Diego dos Anjos presenting AME Class 2016:

João Vieira, Eduardo Marques, Antônio Silva, Débora Amaro, Giselle Souza, Hannah Nascimento, Gabriela Pimenta, Nathali Paz

           I glorify God because in the midst of so many distractions this entertaining world offers, the uncertain future of job availability, and the allure of families’ comfort zones, eight young people said “yes” to God’s call to do something more, something way beyond just being a lukewarm Christian that is so common in the modern church.

          The Adventurers in Evangelistic Missions program here in João Pessoa is beginning its fourth year with young people from the cities of Recife, Fortaleza, Santa Cruz, Salvador, and the country of Bolivia. For them, leaving home for the first time is an adventure, and we pray that God will use us to prepare them during the next eight months for the challenges they will face on the mission field.

          In the first two weeks of the program, these young people have studied the Bible, visited, evangelized, set up personal Bible studies (though some were really nervous since they had never done that before), traveled to a youth camp, and one resolved to be baptized, since he had doubts about whatever he did before.

          Eduardo went with me to the midnight Chinese restaurant Bible study. I saw him going up to workers who don’t even participate in the study and asking them, “What do you think about God’s love?”

          They are learning to cook, to clean house, manage their finances, but what really brings a smile to their faces is when opportunities to serve others turn up. So I am looking forward to making a difference in these servants’ lives and vice versa.

        Please pray for these young people, giving their lives to serve God in His Kingdom, and say a prayer for us the teachers, that we will have wisdom to instruct and put wood on their fire.

Adventurers' Graduation

Our AME program, Adventurers in Evangelistic Missions, had the graduation of the its second class. These young men and women served in Brazil (Natal-RN, Tatuí-SP) and Paraguay (Assuncion). They returned from the field with many new experiences, new loved ones in the Family, and excitement about what God has done in their lives.

We heard the same story from several, that after adjustments to the work, learning how to get around, or perfecting Spanish, trying to fit in the host congregation, about around the 10th month they finally started seeing results as their work seemed to began to flow, and then two months later, time to come home - a little disappointing to leave so soon.

But good news, guys and gals, you can let the Spirit flow through you wherever you are right now. Our King will definitely use you for His Kingdom throughout your lives.
Please pray for Amanda, Camilla, Daniela, Italo, Nathalia, Neto, and Pablo, that they will continue to be a blessing to the salvation of this lost world.


          Easter weekend holiday - what can the church do? Get together and feast!
On Friday the church in Cajazeiras, Paraíba, shared a banquet together, edifying one another in Christ.
          But the best way to celebrate Christ's death and resurrection is to have someone die to the world and be resurrected in Jesus. Melca, 13 years old, a sister to students in the Right Step program, gave her life to Christ and was baptized. Her mother and four brothers are already faithful Christians. God bless this family!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Financial Peace To Brazil

It is good to talk to you again.  I have been travelling for the last four weekends. In two cities I taught Financial Peace.  The great news about that is they asked me to teach it.  There have been a few congregations that make that request.  The first congregation I taught the course, Monica was able to go with me, which is a rarity.  I am excited about these congregations because they want to continue teaching the course without me.  I think, since the church knows this is my last year in Brazil, more people are interested in not only participating in the class but actually learning how to practice the steps and to teach others too.
Make no mistake, this is a spiritual class.  I teach contentment as the foundation principle.  Without contentment, you could lose your soul.  There is an absence of knowledge on how to administer what God has entrusted to each one.  Most were just never taught.  The focus of the class is to administer what God has entrusted and to invest in His Kingdom, living out the words of our Lord Jesus, as the apostle Paul quoted Him saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts 20:35.  I challenge those who take the class to think about the way they are living now, then I ask them, "Do you believe that what Jesus said is true?"
Whether we believe it to be true or not, it is the truth. 
Please pray:
·         That the body of Christ all over the world will live God's Word and make friends with what God has entrusted us, so that they may meet us in heaven when our Master returns to take us home.

Teach Or Be Taught

             It is my last year in Brazil.  What should I do?  I am teaching and taking Roberto along with me to learn to teach.
            We traveled first to Alagoinha where we split up the book of Colossians.  Roberto taught the first two chapters and I taught the last two.  It was a small class of three.  We also visited a family that I taught many years ago.  I answered some of their questions, and we studied on gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
            Two weeks later I traveled with Roberto again to teach half of the book of Romans.  This time I took the first quarter of the book and Roberto the second, and it was a large group.  He said that was the first time he had taught that many people at once.  He is a good teacher.  He stays in the context of the book.  We talked about ways he could improve on his teaching and he has listened and accepted the suggestions I have given him. 
            It is fun seeing someone eager to grow and mature in Christ.
Please pray:
·         That Roberto will continue in his study of God's Word and growth in knowledge;
·         That Roberto can be an example to the church in Paraíba;
·         That the church will grow in maturity and practice of God's Word

AME to the World, by Jeremy Newlin

        The AME (Adventures in Evangelistic Missions) program is right here in João Pessoa.  Each year, for the past three years we have received around 6 young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.  They spend eight months living in João Pessoa, participating in 30 class hours per week, go on evangelistic campaigns and help the congregations in the different neighborhoods of João Pessoa.  At the end of the year, they spend a month with family before “Adventuring” off to help other congregations throughout South America. 

          This January, two, three-member teams moved to Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia and Candeias in Recife, Brazil.  They have now been in the field for two months.  Routines have been established and I am sure the excitement of telling others about Christ continues to grow. 

          This month of March we will have a graduation for the class of 2014 and we will be welcoming students of the class of 2016. Please pray: that every student may focus on Jesus and His obedience to the Father, that these two years of their lives may transform them into lifetime, all-out followers of Christ.