Monday, February 1, 2016

The Decision that Couldn't Wait

          The boys and I went to the Christian Congresso, a three-day spiritual high. Edda stayed at home, taking care of her 93 year old father. My youngest, Lucas (13 years old), had been studying the Bible for a good while, and on the last night of the Congresso at 2 a.m, Samuel woke me up and said that Lucas was going to be baptized. I had been praying for this decision for a long time so I was excited in a dreamy way, but the first thought that came into my mind was – Edda’s not here! She will be disappointed; couldn’t he wait just 7 hours for her to get here?
          But no, his decision to be baptized was for Jesus, not for his mother. It’s hard to express my feelings while baptizing my son into eternal life. I’m just so thankful for so much we don’t deserve.
          When Edda finally arrived and found out, she was disappointed and happy at the same time. Later she said she felt a calm come over her, knowing that Lucas now belongs to Jesus. She hugged him, and they took his first Lord’s Supper together.  

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