Monday, December 14, 2015

Men of God

             In an effort to strengthen João Pessoa’s central church, we have dedicated months to investing time, energy, and prayers on the men’s group, and we are seeing the results, male bonding, more excitement in serving the church, more trust and confidence, better examples at home – wives are commenting, and it’s positive.

          The last weekend of November we had a men’s retreat. About 15 of us were expecting a rough camping experience, but at the last minute someone we don’t know loaned us a huge house with a pool, near a beach for free, God’s blessing no doubt. He wanted us to concentrate on Him, on each other, on confessing sins, on praying, instead of just surviving. Our goal is to become better disciples, better husbands, better fathers, and better servant leaders, and we are having fun along the way.

          Some are taking responsibility for improving the building, others are visiting and encouraging others to take care of each other’s needs, other are praying for needs discovered in the new closeness. It’s hard sometimes for men to get close, when sports are not involved, but the guys in João Pessoa once they got the taste of true, deeper friendships, they want more and more.

          And the church is getting stronger because of it.

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