Monday, October 26, 2015

Unity in Faith

             The "Great Supper" (Grande Ceia) is a weekend of catching up with people, hearing God's Word, learning and growing in faith, and hearing about needs from other brothers and sisters throughout the state in which we live, Paraíba.
          There were people from almost every congregation in the state at this event in Patos.  Around 200 present at the Sunday meeting, 150 slept in the public school on the floor or in hammocks.  I chose the hammock.
             The theme was "Unity", taken from Ephesians 4:1-6.  I spoke on the unity among congregations in the state, the challenges, and the rewards, one of which is that we become stronger by overcoming difficulties together.
            Two men from João Pessoa talked to a brother there. When they heard of his difficulties, they decided to help.  They have already talked to other members of the church in João Pessoa and plan to travel to Pombal, about 5 ½ hours away, to help this brother share the Gospel. 
          I have been praying that God would raise up men who would be able to travel and take care of the churches throughout the state as I have been doing.  I am seeing God at work once again. This mission is His.  We are the vehicle through which He has chosen to carry out His mission.

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