Monday, November 16, 2015

Family Day of Joy and Tears

All four congregations in João Pessoa spent yesterday together at a small farm, 140 people present even though the day was sweltering hot. Worship, fellowship, sharing food, sharing stories, everybody was blessed, united as the Family of Christ.

This was a day of joy: we had a special moment to pray over the new converts of the year and to tell them how much they encourage us, how important their decision was, and how they can count on their brothers and sisters when facing the difficulties.

This was a day of joy: our AME class, Cristian, Daniel, Alana, Pamella, Sabrina, and Geissa,  finished their training, and the church all together sent off them off to the field, praying over them, that our Father will use them effectively in His Kingdom, according to His will.

This was a day of tears: the church has grown fond of these young people. Saying goodbye is hard, they cried, we cried. Also Micah Barnes and Daniel Norwood, on our AIM team are returning home.  We all had opportunity to share how they made a difference in our lives. We will miss them.

Heaven will something like this: everybody all together sharing, laughing, praising, filled with joy, but no more goodbyes, and hopefully not as hot.

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