Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catching Up With Newlin's News

Hello everyone.  I realize that it has been a while since you have heard any news from me.  I apologize and will work to not let this happen again. 
                Since I last wrote I have travelled to Patos twice.  Once, Monica and I traveled with another couple from João Pessoa to teach a couples meeting, the other time was to accompany Raniere Vieira while he taught the SEARA (Servants Sent to Announce the Kingdom of Love) class on Systematic Theology where he discussed the names and attributes of God, the condition of man and gave a general and basic introduction to theology.  This group of seven students will complete four years of studies in October and will have a graduation ceremony during the state-wide, church event called "A Grande Ceia" (The Great Supper).
The day we arrived from Patos, VBS began.  Monica, my wife, organized four days of fun ways to learn the Bible, involving many members of the church in João Pessoa.  The total number of children that participated this year was 81.  One of the moms told us that she was moved when her daughter got into their car and told them that she learned that there is only one God.  I have been studying the Bible with this mother for about two months now.  Her vocabulary seems to be changing along with her knowledge and belief in God's Word.  She takes what she learns during our Bible studies and discusses it with a group with which she meets. 
On another note and as a result of the VBS, one of our many neighbors that live in the high rise apartment buildings in front and around the church building saw the movement from our VBS and paid us a visit.  Sunday was her third Sunday to come and today she brought a friend with her. 
We plan to begin School of the Bible classes this year.  We wanted to begin in March but had some set backs and wanted to better prepare the congregation.
Sunday I travelled to Alagoinha where there are a small number of brothers and sisters who meet.  Today there were 10 in attendance.  After services, I visited a cousin of a visitor in attendance.  He seems interested in studying God's Word. 
Tomorrow, Thursday I will be travelling to Patos for another SEARA class and a PORmissões meeting (a statewide meeting with the church workers to discuss problems, talk about plans and blessings and various other things.  In this particular meeting we will be discussing doctrine and how to deal with some of the differences that some believe have arisen.  I also plan to address how to approach and talk through such differences so as not to divide but to encourage, exhort and draw us closer to Christ and to one another; sometimes one can defend the right line of teaching with the wrong attitude and I hope to help both sides see the both are wrong and bring them to a unity through the right teaching with the right attitude.
Please pray:
·         That God will mature His church in João Pessoa;
·         That God will guide the PORmissões meeting to be an edifying, growth promoting and encouraging meeting for everyone throughout the state that participates and that what is learned in this meeting will remain with those present and be taught to those who could not be present;
·         That God will continue to bless all of the Bible studies happening throughout the state of Paraíba and the world so that all may believe and confess Jesus as Lord of their lives, being baptized into Him.