Monday, June 8, 2015

Letter from Junior

Junior  became a Christian in 2001 here in João Pessoa.  He married Kátia in 2004, who became a Christian in 2000 also here in João Pessoa.  They have lived and worked in Campina Grande for the last five years as missionaries.  Before moving to Campina Grande they went the (Servants Sent to Announce the Kingdom of Love – SEARA) training course.  They travelled a lot with me to the interior during their training.
Both Junior and Kátia are very dedicated, loving and faithful Christians.  I have been privileged to see them grow spiritually and as a family.  I am proud to call them my brother and sister in Christ.  Below is a report from Junior, sharing about his trip to São Paulo to receive training along with seven others from Paraíba.  They were able to go because of funds from the Goodlettsville church of Christ in Tennessee. 

        Beloved brothers and sisters, I had the opportunity to travel in the month of April.  My trip included national events of the Church of Christ (National Encounter of Christian Workers – ENOC e Correct, Reprimand and Exhort – CRE) in the state of São Paulo.  I visited two congregations (São Bernardo do Campo – SP e Bauru – SP), besides taking part in an intensive class on the Pentateuch in Bauru – SP.  I was away from home for 17 days and spent more than 100 hours in Bible studies, sermons and other teachings.  I am very thankful to God for this opportunity, to Kátia, my wife, for holding down the house in my absence and to everyone who contributed to this purpose.
        The objective of this trip is to be better prepared to serve our Lord and our brothers in Christ and to edify the brotherhood with what God has done in our midst, here in Campina Grande.  Thank you for your prayers and all of the help we received.
        When I arrived home, I had a lot to share with the brothers and sisters; I am very excited to continue our Christian journey together.
                                        May God bless you all,                                                                                        In Christ,

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