Monday, June 1, 2015


          We know that God can do anything. The question is what will He do? What will the Lord do in the lives of His people when they consecrate themselves to Him? We hope to find out.
          Friday, May 22nd, the Luna congregation had an all night vigil of consecration. We went from 9 pm to 5:30 am, and over 50 people participated, from the ages of 10 to 75 years. In the prayer corner, brothers and sisters signed up for time slots so that we would have prayer without ceasing. The vigil focused on Consecrating our Lives, in Gratitude, in Unity, in Service, and in Sharing. Each part consisted of prayer, singing, Bible Reading and Reflection, and practical activities, like in Service, we washed everyone’s feet, and then everybody joined in making breakfast for the group: homemade bread, fruit, tapioca and eggs, juice, and coffee. In Sharing, we ended with a wonderful meal together in family, talking about people with whom we want to share the gospel.
          Spending the night awake is exhausting, but it is a sacrifice the church was willing to make, even though some had to work or go to school on Saturday. Many were amazed that they didn’t even feel sleepy.
          Luna is a church that draws people from all over the city. It is, therefore, the best church for planting churches in other neighborhoods. Mangabeira was the last plant, so now we are focusing on Luna to boost it to be ready to plant a church in another region. Pray with us that God will consecrate His people and give them opportunity to spread throughout João Pessoa.

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