Tuesday, May 26, 2015

from David and Adriana McKinney

Children are a gift from the Lord
they are a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

           It is with great happiness and thankfulness that we are announcing that our family is growing.
Lo and behold after 14 years of marriage, we are expecting a little girl. She is very beautiful, depending on how you look at the ultrasound.
           My family was very surprised at the news. Mom and Dad had given up on having more grand-kids. I think three each is the limit for Joseph and Lori. But the baby was not a surprise for us, she was planned and prayed for, and we want her to belong to God forever.
           As soon as Dad got the news he started a diet and began exercising. I think he wants to be a part of her little life. We are always looking for ways to keep him in shape. Maybe ten years from now we will have another one.
           We ask for your prayers. May God bless the baby, Adriana, the pregnancy and the birth. We are grateful for all your prayers all these years. You are a part of our lives, our faith and our family.
           Celebrate this moment with us.
                              With love,
                         David, Adriana and baby girl