Monday, March 16, 2015

World's Party vs. God's Party

          While many others from all over the world were partying hard during Carnaval, most of the churches were at camps, away from the partying, praying, studying God's Word, and sharing meals and life together.
          While many of the world were trying to forget their problems, looking for the next thrill and giving in to their lack of self-control, Beatriz and Lidinez, two young women who had been studying the Bible with Givanildo, were immersed into Christ in the small, forgotten town of Emas.  They gave their lives to Christ, and He solved their biggest problem, giving them true joy and confidence to walk with God to control their fleshly desires.  It seems like they are off to a good start. 
          The rest of the world is still searching for the next party.  I can only imagine the party God and His angels had over these two sisters.  If God is throwing the party, I want to go to. 

Please pray:
·         that your sisters in Christ will be faithful to death;
·         that God's Kingdom will advance and His followers will fight their fleshly desires;
·         that more will join the heavenly party.  

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