Monday, April 20, 2015

Room To Grow

The church of Christ in Mangabeira does not have its own building.  We have saved up around BRL 25000 (about $8340), but it is still too little to buy our own meeting place.  Nevertheless, we continue to save money and pray.
Until we get our own location, we will continue to look for the best places for us to meet.
We were meeting in a well-located building, but it became too small for us to meet.
The picture below shows the old building.  We had an average of 48 to 55 on Sundays and that was the maximum number chairs that fit.  In six months, we were already overflowing.
This place served us well, but we needed to make a decision.  We needed to move but we would incur a fee of BRL 4500 (about $1500) for breaching the contract because we still had six months left of rent.  It was a large amount for us.  We prayed to our Lord and decided to talk to the owner; he said he would forgive the debt.  We moved out of the building without having to pay anything.
We found another place that is also well located, cheaper and bigger for us to meet.
Now, in our worship services we can receive double the amount of people we could in the old building.
We have 41 Christians and 12 visitors on average for Sunday worship services.
I hope that in six months we will have "the good problem": of this building being too small for the number of people meeting in the name of our Lord.
New address:
Rua Rita Xavier de Oliveira, 160 - sala 2
Mangabeira - João Pessoa/PB, Brazil.
Raniere Vieira

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