Monday, April 13, 2015

Buried In The Desert

            I got back from a 14 hour round trip to Cajazeiras last night.  I went to teach an evangelistic lesson to some of the young men in the soccer program.  We studied the book of Romans.  Some of the questions we answered were: What good news does the Gospel tell us?  Can I be a sinner and a good person?  With whom should I compare my goodness?  How does Jesus' death on a cross nearly two thousand years ago save me today?  When does God's salvation begin, here and now or only in heaven?  From what have I been saved?  What is sin? What do I need to do to be saved?  How does the Holy Spirit guide me in my new life?  In what way is our life changed by being a living sacrifice?  What does it mean to offer God our "spiritual service of worship"?  
            These were some questions we discussed.  I also taught them how to hug one another, maybe the most practical and memorable lesson for them.  The best news of the whole event is that Samuel was baptized.  He is a young boy who has been studying for some time.  He has been a part of the Right Step Program (the soccer program) for about two years.  Sunday, after the worship service, he was baptized.  Now Samuel and his brother Sidney are the only two Christians in their family of five brothers and one sister.
Please pray:
·         That God will guide Samuel and the church in Cajazeiras to spiritual maturity;
·         That the church in Cajazeiras will understand God's will, revealed in His Word, and live with abandon for God;
·         That God will keep the evil one from Samuel and Sidney as they begin walking the narrow path together.

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