Monday, April 6, 2015

A Month of Travels

                Spreading the Gospel throughout a state requires planning and meeting, traveling and teaching, and a lot of calling. I even do Bible studies over the phone.  All this has been going on this past month, but I wanted to share with you the more noteworthy events with you, each one requiring its fair share of planning, praying, and calling.
                David and I traveled to Campina Grande to meet with the evangelists, see how they are doing, what their future plans are and to update them on how their support is coming along.  I hope that you will remember that this mission team began the work in Campina Grande as the first Brazilian team to receive full support from Brazilian churches.  They had support for about two years before losing some and then funds from the U.S. have picked up the slack.
                Nicholas, my son, and I traveled to Alagoinha, a small town and a small congregation.  We visited and I taught.  We met with the church in a member's house.  They have met in a separate house, using it as a church building for years but do not have the money to continue paying the rent.
                We hosted the PORmissões meeting here in João Pessoa.  I wrote about this meeting in another newsletter note, so you can get the details on our blog under the heading: "Jesus Prayed for Unity."
                Yesterday, I traveled to the city of Campina Grande again.  I met with the church and accompanied Isac and his family to a Bible study.  Isac and I talked about the work in the state, the PORmissões meeting, unity, and the future of the church.

Please pray:
·         For vision, obedience, and sacrifice for each member of the church here in Paraíba
·         That God will guide His church to maturity and growth in numbers;
·         That God will give Joseph, David and me wisdom to lead, courage to teach, and love to be exemplified in the church in Paraíba.

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