Monday, March 16, 2015

33% Growth So Far in 2015

         When you belong to a church of 6 brothers and sisters, each conversion is a huge leap in growth percentagewise. The small Colinas congregation is excited. On the first Sunday of the year, Marcos`s brother decided to give his life to Jesus and was baptized. 6 turned into 7.
          Then on the first Sunday in February, a neighbor, Antonia, who had been eavesdropping on her daughter's Bible study, came through the door and said, "I know all that and I want it for my life." She was baptized, expressing great joy in her newfound salvation. 7 became 8.
          I jokingly said to the Colinas brethren, "A baptism on the first Sunday of January, now another one on the first Sunday of February – I like this tradition that you are starting! I can't wait for the first Sunday in March!"
          I don't think they took it as a joke, because Marcos said seriously, "We are working on it." God be praised through this small group.

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