Monday, March 30, 2015

The Third Generation

         In 1978, Joe McKinney decided to leave electrical engineering to go to the Sunset School of Preaching. A decision like that is made thinking: what does God want me to do with my life right now? Little thought is given to the question: how is this decision going to affect my grandkids?

         Now in 2015, with the kids married and living on different continents, grand-kids bilingual with dual nationalities and in some cases three citizenships, all involved in missions, Grampaw can clearly see his decision has taken the family down a completely different road, one that makes family get-togethers a rarity.

         Yesterday, Samuel (15 years old) preached his first full sermon to the church that meets at Luna in Joao Pessoa (over sixty present).  He preached the last chapter of Acts, finishing up a seven month sermon series. He spoke of the five most poisonous snakes in the world, and when Paul was bitten by one like these, he should have died, but the Holy Spirit nullified the poison's power. Likewise, we are constantly assaulted and bitten by a much more dangerous snake: Satan. We hurt, but his poison, death, is nullified by the cross of Jesus.

        Thirty-seven years ago, Joe McKinney decided to be a preacher, and now the third generation is still feeling the influence of that decision. How many decisions do we blithely make without thought to how they affect our kids, our grand-kids, and one day, our great grand-kids?

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