Monday, March 9, 2015


            "Intense" is a word I mainly use to describe feeling pressure from an outside source.  This past Saturday things got intense, but I hope from an inside source. I taught an intensive course to the church in Joao Pessoa with eight present.  Not a big group but it did give us opportunities to discuss in more personal ways how to practice what we were studying. 
            The course was based on the Bible, of course, but with ideas from a book called "The Mission of God's People," by Christopher Wright.  To sum up the study in one phrase: "Be a Blessing".  That is what God told Abraham to be and the mission continues through us.  I recommend the book; it has helped me in my study of God's Word.

Please pray:
·         that God will raise up men and women to serve Him in His Kingdom;
·         that each member of the body of Christ may be a blessing to one another;
·         that Christ's body will be a light to neighbors, calling them out of darkness.

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