Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SEARA (Member Training)

I traveled to Patos at the end of August to teach the book of James, and I intermingled the class with the finance class, talking about contentment and using some of Dave Ramsey's practical personal finance administrative tools. It had been two years since the last time I taught the finance class in Patos and it seems that only one couple is putting some of the teachings into practice.
I went back to Patos on October 16th, traveling with Enio Latorre to visit and coordinate SEARA. This four year training program will end in August 2015. We will have a graduation and the students who went through the program will continue to teach and serve their respective congregations. They will also serve throughout the state as teachers.
Please pray:
  • that these men and women who are gaining this knowledge will continue to practice the knowledge that they have of God's Word;
  • that a new SEARA class will be welcomed by the church in Cajazeiras with many members dedicating time and energy to the study and practice of God's Word.

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