Monday, August 25, 2014

SMYRNAEANS, by David McKinney

                We were privileged to receive a  wonderful group from Highland Heights Church of Christ, Smyrna - TN.  Zachary Bannister, who works with the college age, brought a group of fourteen young men and women down to João Pessoa to work with us for nine days. Some were crazy, some were sweet, but all of them were determined to serve at the Lord's feet.
                They visited four church meetings on Sunday, the day after they arrived, and I don't recall any of them falling asleep. They worked hard evangelizing, door-knocking, enjoying fellowship with the brethren, participating in youth devotionals and activities, making new friends, visiting homes, catching the mid-night restaurant Bible study, interacting with English students from our Bible Clubs, throwing an English party to invite people to Let's Start Talking. They invaded the streets and the college campus, handing out flyers. They gave them out at bus stops, busy downtown walkways, classrooms, and even at the drive thru at McDonald’s (from inside the restaurant). Many seeds were planted, many contacts were made. May the Lord bless the harvest.
                They also worked hard on our church building: fixing fences and swing sets, scraping metal, sanding wood, pulling weeds, painting walls, playgrounds, parking area, and so forth. They touched our hearts and blessed our lives. We laughed a lot and shed a tear.
                Thanks for coming! Thanks to Zachary for planning and organizing the trip. Thanks to all those who contributed to their trip with prayers and donations.

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