Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Princes, Witches, Monsters, and the Armor of God

            King Christopher left the kingdom in the care of his two sons, Fortus and Cranius, and his daughter Justina. Daily the evil witch tried to conquer the kingdom, by laying traps of seduction and gold, and ultimately unleashing upon them Black Power, a slave turned monster through magic potions. Fortus tried to defend the kingdom through military might, Cranius used his intellect to invent weapons of mass destruction to keep the peace, but they were defeated. Only Justina was able to save the day by reading the Bible and discovering the armor of God. The last day, with the sword of the Spirit, she was able to bring Black Power to repentance and free him from the witch's slavery, defeating her once and for all. 

            If the kids had half the fun watching as we did bringing this story to life, then it was worth it. Our four-day Vacation Bible School this year armed up 53 kids with God's armor to prepare them for the devil's attacks. The AME and AIM groups helped to implement the event, organized by Monica Newlin. Then they took versions of what they learned to other cities, Olinda (the Lar Cristão Orphanage) and Belo Jardim.

            We sowed seeds in young lives that will bring fruit in God's time. Bless Him for this opportunity to make a difference in children's lives.

P.S. Brother Nilson let his hair grow out six months to play the part of Black Power!

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