Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prayer Request

Please pray for upcoming events and classes in the coming months.
1.         Finance Class - I give this class once a year in João Pessoa to the church.  The purpose is for the church to administer well their personal finances so that they will not be in debt, live more peacefully financially, have better marriages, and invest in God's Kingdom with more joy.  This year the class will be September 11-14th.
2.         Pastoreai - I will be teaching at this seminar in Recife, on October 3-5th, to help prepare men to understand what an eldership is and how to develop men into "eldership material".
3.         Grande Ceia - A state-wide event, called The Great Supper, for the churches to get together for fellowship, teaching, singing, and eating.  I will be teaching at this event, October 10-12th.
4.         Monica's Trip - Monica will be going to an event hosted by the Continent of Great Cities in the south of Brazil on October 6-10th to receive spiritual care.  She worked very hard on VBS and the Women's Seminar in July and August. 

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