Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Teaching, Guiding and Sharing

PORmissões is the plan to evangelize the entire state of Paraíba through establishing congregations in each of the four major cities, maturing members and reaching out to the smaller cities around them.
There are now three others (Afonso, Júnior and Luciano) who are working with me directly to move this plan forward. This is a huge step for the work to continue without me in the near future. We met at the beginning of June to discuss the vision each one has for the state and how to carry that vision out. We are working to mature the members of the church and continually bring unity among the congregations through visiting, calls and statewide events.
Our next statewide event will be in João Pessoa where I will be teaching and helping each evangelist think about preparing and maturing men to be Elders and Deacons. We will also discuss what the role of the evangelist is and how to carry out his role in the congregation in which he lives and labors.

Please pray:
* that God may use me to help open our eyes to the possibilities and opportunities He provides to guide men to be "men of God";
* that God may work in all of our hearts for us to be fully dedicated to Him and His Kingdom;
* that God may help us to see our role as missionaries, evangelists and all of us as Christians to be light in the darkness.

Please shine through us Lord Jesus.

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