Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AME: The Training of Young People

          2014 has brought a new group of young people to João Pessoa to train as missionaries. Eight started out, but one had to return home because of her mother's health. Daniela, Ítalo, Nathalia, Pablo, Amanda, Neto, and Camila came from Recife, Serra Talhada, Natal, Belo Jardim, Salvador, and Bolivia. Their training includes Monday through Thursday Bible courses, practical learning on weekends with local churches, and survival skills, like grocery shopping, cooking, washing clothes, etc.
          As part of the program, they go to the university to evangelize, setting up Bible studies; they started a Spanish Bible Club there. They also participate in campaigns, the last one was a week in Natal.
          I am teaching Devotional II, using 1 and 2 Corinthians on Mondays, morning and afternoon. Yesterday, they had a Skype meeting with a small church in Santa Maria, south end of Brazil, who wants to host an AME team. So far I am impressed with their dedication and desire to serve.

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