Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AIM: A Sharing of Young People

          They have just got here: Daniel, Micah, Katie, Ally, and Amanda, a new AIM team in João Pessoa. They have been trained, they have apartments, they are experiencing Brazil for the first time in World Cup mode, and are excited. Since they don't know Portuguese yet, they have plugged into our English Bible study groups, even starting a new one at the Federal University. For eighteen months they will be an asset to the work, giving invaluable insight in the AME training program, providing manpower for church plants, teaching evangelistic Bible Studies, strengthening the youth group, etc.
          A mission field is an exercise in sharing, and through programs like AIM and AME we share the resource of young people, training them, sending them, and receiving them. And through these opportunities, we pray God is using us to prepare future generations for the growth of His kingdom. As Hannibal on the A-Team would say: "I love it when a plan comes together."

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