Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Months Rolled Into One

Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since you have heard from me. I have been travelling and teaching quite a bit. In this newsletter, I will tell you what I have been doing and what my plans are for the next three weeks.
In March, I took a 10 hour bus ride to the south of where we are to teach the church in Aracajú over a weekend. My parents also came and spent 9 days with me and my family in March.
In April, I stayed more in João Pessoa teaching and preaching because most of the workers from the interior churches were in São Paulo for 18 days in intensive classes. I did get to travel with my family to Patos where Monica taught the women at their annual celebration of the beginning of the women's prayer group.
In May, I taught Financial Peace at the São Lourenço congregation, a four day intensive course, beginning with contentment. I also preached at another congregation in Recife and scheduled a time to teach in June at the Varzea congregation. On Thursday, May, 15th of this month I will be travelling to Patos to teach the Gospel of Matthew, a four day course. From Patos, on May 19th, I will be travelling to Feira de Santana, a twelve hour drive to begin a four day course on the same day I arrive. From there I will be travelling up to Aracajú for a Leader's training camp, about four hours from Feira de Santana and then back to João Pessoa, about 10 hours from Aracajú. Lord permitting, I will arrive back in João Pessoa on May 26th. On May 31st, I will be travelling with a group from João Pessoa to Belém do Brejo do cruz, about five hours from João Pessoa and arriving back in João Pessoa on June 1st.
After these trips I plan to stay more in João Pessoa, teaching and visiting the members with the intent to help them grow and begin doing some of the travelling and taking care of one another that I have been doing.

Please pray:
* that God will use me at all times during the driving and teaching on these trips;
* that God's Word may be taught without fear of persecution or rejection;
* that God may give peace and paitents to Monica, Nicholas & Dylan while I am gone.

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