Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All Honor to Christ

The Right Step Program, idealized by Mark Hagewood and headed up by Rivaldo Café,  started in 2008 in the city of Cajazeiras. In addition to bringing young men to give their lives to Christ, the soccer program also teaches them life values: honesty, service, family, responsibility, and purity.

The results have been impressive in society, enough so to call the attention of the authorities. Because of the good sown and the lack of political funding, the city councilmen voted to give Café the Title of Citizen of Cajazeiras. They recognized him and Leila, his wife, with a plaque at Council Hall.

Lots of social programs that sound good and have good ideas start, but most don't last more than a year because of the lack of commitment. We are thankful to be involved in a work that over six dedicated years has not only bettered society but brought families eternal life.

And what does Café have to say about all this? "All honor to Christ!"

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