Tuesday, May 27, 2014

With or Without Her

     Ricardo was baptized in October of last year and began telling others about Jesus soon after. As a result, he invited Joseph and me to study the Bible with Fernandes, who owns a used car lot. Fernandes said that he had given his life to Christ over 20 years ago, but he had never been baptized. We studied with him about what the Bible says about baptism. He said that he wanted to be baptized but was waiting for his daughter and wife to be available to witness his new birth. I tried to convince him of the urgency, but he decided to wait anyway. While Joseph and I traveled, Francinaldo gave the Bible study. Something I said and the contact with Francinaldo led Fernandes to do some hard thinking and he decided: he couldn't wait anymore, he had to be baptized with or without the presence of his wife and daughter. And so, he was buried and raised to new life in Christ on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. One new life producing life in others.

Please pray:
* that God may continue to increase Fernandes' faith in His Word
* that God may strengthen Ricardo's faith and that he may now learn how to help Fernandes mature in his faith.

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