Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Calling All Portuguese-Speaking Teachers

            World Bible School studies the Bible with thousands of people around the world through correspondence and the internet. Since the studies were in English, we haven't used their material much, but now WBS has translated everything into Portuguese, so we have a new resource for spreading God's Word. Currently WBS has about thirty students waiting for a Portuguese-speaking teacher. And if we start advertising, they will have many more. So brush up on your Portuguese and sign up as a teacher - it's simple. Log on to and click on the Become a Teacher button. Be sure to choose Portuguese as your language if indeed you know it. If not, they always can use English speakers too. I am excited about this new avenue: not only can be our mission partners through prayers and funds, but also as Bible teachers of contacts in Paraiba. May God open up each students to His Word as he or she seeks His Will!

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