Monday, February 17, 2014

Finances In The Light of The Bible

Guess what I was invited to teach at the Northeastern Christian Conference? You guessed it, Finances! I taught on the Biblical model of giving; the motives, the purpose and the grace of giving from various passages. I also gave an introduction to Dave Ramsey's material on Financial Peace. His material gives people a step-by-step method to organize and control your personal finances so that you are able to give like you want to give.
Most people that I have taught have had difficulty understanding what the Bible teaches about giving. Most people that I have taught have also had difficulty managing their personal finances, so this course is very much needed in the church in Brazil. The church is beginning to support missionaries and they want and need a better understanding on giving.
After the classes at the Conference, I was invited to teach the finance course at several different congregations throughout Brazil. Dates are still being set-up. My hope for beginning this class was to help the church in Brazil take another step towards maturity by learning to give and give generously. I believe they are taking this step.

Please pray:
that the church in Brazil may trust in God for all of their needs;
that each Christian may believe in Jesus' words "It is more blessed to give than to receive";
that God may give me wisdom to direct each person's focus on the provider and not what is provided.

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