Monday, December 9, 2013

Bible Bowl 2013

    The Sycamore church of Christ, Cookeville, TN, began its first Bible Bowl in 1980 with six teams. Thirty-three years later, held in a university basketball stadium, Bible Bowl had nearly 500 teams participate, with representatives from Brazil: Mathias and Sabrina Hagewood were there. Mathias's team went to the finals.
    In 2004, Daniel Palk came to Brazil as a missionary from Cookeville, and he brought with him Bible Bowl. This has been an excellent avenue to get kids into Bible study. All three of my kids have participated, and every time they left pumped up about studying God's word.
    After nine years of Bible Bowl, Daniel Palk returned to the US. He said that if he didn't get someone to take over this work, it would cease. We decided that we couldn't let that happen. So I assumed responsibility for the 10th Bible Bowl in Recife.
    Organizing an event in another city is hard, but the hardest was not having Daniel and Jana's nine years of experience to smooth things out.
    We decided the book: Revelation, and sent out emails to get congregations excited about this. There are several things we could have done differently and better, but at least Bible Bowl didn't fall by the wayside.
    Fourteen teams from six congregations participated. The big winner was Boa Viagem (their youth group really studied hard).
       2nd Division Teams: 1st place - Boa Viagem
                                      2nd place - Várzea
                                      3rd place - Boa Viagem

       1st Division Teams: 1st place - João Pessoa
                                     2nd place - Boa Vista
                                     3rd place - Jardim Atlântico

    2nd Division Individuals: 1st place - Boa Viagem  (Aline 97/100 questions)
                                         2nd place - There was a 5-way tie for second place with 95/100 questions - (Boa Viagem - Joel, Vitoria, Daniela, Josué; Várzea - Diana)

    1st Division Individuals: 1st place - Várzea (Felipe 89/100 questions)
                                        2nd place - Várzea (Ricardo 81/100 questions)                                                                 
3rd place - João Pessoa (Lucas McKinney 78/100 questions)

    This is a worthwhile program that pulls our kids from their computers, video games, and tv shows to study the Bible. For 2014, we pray to bring more young people to God's Word through Bible Bowl. 

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