Monday, December 9, 2013

SEARA in Patos - The Last Harvest

I traveled to Patos in December, as I do every month, to teach the last class of the year to those being trained. The course was on Hermeneutics (Interpreting Scripture). I know, it doesn't sound very tantalizing but it is very important. All of the students said they learned about how to read and capture what the text says.
I taught using the "CAPTOR" method from the book "Getting the Message" by David M. Doriani. I was surprised at how most read their Bibles without knowing how to degust the banquet God has prepared in His Word. All of the students are very humble and eager to learn and put this new knowledge into practice.
Please pray:
that we all will read and study God's Word with humbleness and an eagerness to learn;
that all Christians will find the joy and love in putting God's Word into practice in their own lives.

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