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RICARDO: came to the church through his wife, Flávia, and his two children, Rodrigo, 14, and Beatriz, 12.  Flávia was baptized in August 2012 and both of her children a couple of months later in October 2012. This year was Ricardo's turn.  He had been studying the Bible with Joseph.  Ricardo said that the studies with Joseph along with the Sunday School class and the Finance class helped him make the decision to be baptized.  His mind was made up, but he had not told anyone.
In October of this year over 20 of the members from João Pessoa made a 6 hour trip to Catingueira where the Great Supper (a weekend event, uniting all of the congregations in Paraíba together for fellowship, Bible study, and spiritual growth) was held.  Ricardo was in attendance this year.  As he was talking with some of the men about the Sunday School class and how much it had helped him, one of the men asked him if he had been baptized.  He said, “no.”  They said, “What are you waiting for?  Jesus could come back today.”  He thought for a moment and decided that he needed to be baptized then.

Everyone was excited to hear the news.  We went down to a nearby pond and there Ricardo was put in the grave and God raised him from the dead to a new life in Christ.  Almost one year exactly to the day that his two children had been baptized and also during the Great Supper.  What will happen next year?
Ricardo is already putting up a fight for his faith at work.  As a police officer, he is fighting corruption in a politicized system.  He stands to lose a lot of benefits and even maybe a rank or two.  He knows that is what Christ would do.

FLÁVIA: has a background of visiting many different denominations but has been searching for the truth for a long while. If you remember, Flávia visited for the first time in July.  Monica and I began studying the Bible with her.  She said she wanted to be more involved in the work of the church.  We explained that we first needed to assure that she was a member of the body of Christ before she could begin serving.  After talking with Flávia about her conversion and baptism we came to the conclusion that she was already a disciple.  She had been baptized years ago and her baptism was biblical.
Sunday, November 10th, I presented Flávia to the congregation so that everyone could share in the joy of welcoming our sister into the congregation at Jardim Luna and begin involving her in the work of the Lord she so eagerly desires to do.

 BRUNO: Bruno gave his life to Christ. Danny Bratcher studied with him and baptized him in Campina Grande.

CINTIA, ISABEL, CELIA: became disciples of Jesus in Cajazeiras. They studied with our AME students, Jackelayne and Beliza, on one of the mission trips, and they were baptized.

JACKSON AND KELLY: were baptized in João Pessoa. They actually live in a nearby city, Santa Rita, the third and fourth Christians there, but they meet with the Mangabeira congregation, a forty minute motorcycle trip one way. Raniere Menezes studied and baptized them. 

MARIANA: grew up in the church. She made the decision for Christ and was baptized by her brother-in-law, David McKinney. 

Let the Gospel continue to save lives, bringing the lost into the Savior. Welcome to our spiritual family! Please pray for these new Christians in Paraíba.

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