Friday, December 27, 2013


             This past year took several people from the work in the Northeast of Brazil. Our longtime workers in Caruaru, Paulo and Simone Rodrigues, have moved down south to Curitiba. They received a proposal to help in a new congregation in that city. They were looking for a change, and the city offered educational and job opportunities for their kids not available in Caruaru. Fabio, an active brother in the Caruaru church, also moved to Curitiba. The congregation is sorely missing them, but knowing the workers they are, we are sure that God is using them well. 

         A goodbye a little closer to home – Hunter, Lori, Mathias, Sabrina, and Daniel Hagewood moved back to the US in July. We miss them greatly, especially our kids miss their cousins (they were inseparable while here), even though they are on Skype nearly every day. Hunter had to relocate because of his job situation. They are living in Nashville. 

         Daniel and Jana Palk also returned to the US after working in Boa Viagem, Recife. They brought Bible Bowl to Brazil, and kept it going to 9 years. I tried to fill their shoes for the 10th year – HA! Yes, they are missed. They are also in Nashville.

         Elias and Leylane have also moved down to São Paulo to preach to a congregation in Campinas. He coordinated our Seara program, and they were responsible for the house church in Colinas here is João Pessoa. One more hole left.

         Some other workers have received proposals from down south, but so far they are staying in Paraíba. We pray for the sake of God’s Kingdom that for each family that leaves, Christ will raise up another, and that wherever our loved ones go, our Father will use them and their experiences in Paraíba for the good of His church.

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