Monday, December 30, 2013

All Good Things Come to an End…

…but not for the Christian. When we look at our lives through God’s eyes, the ending of years is not nostalgic, but almost invisible compared to the continual renewal of life that shows up on God’s radar. Though to us, the year 2013, graduation from school, leaving a job or even dying are big things, I imagine that God watches carefully our constant discoveries of His reality, the maturing of our spirits, the small daily steps we take closer to His Son Jesus. These thrill God more than any Happy New Year’s party. Just as “His mercies are renewed every morning” Lm 3:23, every day is an opportunity to live anew in His Kingdom. So no more need for New Year’s resolutions, let’s live our new day resolutions. Every day wake up excited about reaching new ground for Him, new goals, new ways to serve, new discoveries of His presence. Life is not yesterdays or tomorrows, but a continual succession of todays. 2014 is not guaranteed, but if you are reading this, then you are alive today. Today is the day of salvation, the day to make changes. And if one of us should die in the next year, from one moment to the next the new day will take him or her to new marvelous levels. This life is just practice for the real thing. Thank God for our hope in Christ! And Happy New Day! Today!!!

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