Monday, October 21, 2013

Youth Group and Parents

What does the youth group and parents have in common?  O.k., the youth, but besides that?  Not much nowadays.  I remember when I was growing up there was no youth minister to take care of the teens at my congregation.  The parents did it.  They planned the activities and stayed with us as we learned about Christ.  They opened up their homes and had devos that they gave and taught us to do the same.   
I am not saying that having a youth minister is a bad thing.  Here in João Pessoa we have a good group of young people.  We have had some individuals couples spend time with the youth but our youth needed more involvement from the adults, the parents.  The parents were the ones who saw this need so We, the parents started meeting in August with the youth group.  We sang and prayed together.  The youth would have their Bible study and the parents talked about raising kids and difficulties we are facing as parents, among other things.  The parents have enjoyed their time together.  The youth don't feel like the parents are cramping their style.  Everything is good.  Actually it is better.  There is no substitue for parents taking care of their kids.  There is no better spiritual role model than ones own parents.   
Please pray: 
  • that parents will dedicate their time to the spiritual formation of their children; 
  • that children and youth will grow to love God more than anything else in this World. 

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