Monday, October 28, 2013

Investing In God's Kingdom

I spent most of my time in João Pessoa during the months of August and September.  During this time I taught a Finance class, a 30 hour Bible course and worked with the congregation to establish a budget for the rest of the year and all of next year. 

The average offering amount for the year of 2013 was R$1,400.  It was just enough to cover the expenses at the building.  The men of the congregation made a budget of R$3,260, covering the normal expenses and adding more support for missions, an accountant as well as other expenses. After four or five meeting with the congregation to explain the budget and ask for members to commit how much they could give to meet the budget, not meeting the budget, talking to the members again and receiving new amounts, as a congregation we committed R$3.415, surpassing the original amount.  How great is that!  October, was the first month that the collection would be put towards the new budget.  After last Sunday, the collection for October was over R$3,500.   

Please pray: 
  • that the congregations in Paraíba will seek God's Kingdom first financially; 
  • that the congregations in Paraíba will continue to work towards supporting evangelists and missionaries throughout the state; 
  • that all members of the church may live content investing in God's mission. 

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