Sunday, August 18, 2013

Samuel McKinney after Surgery

Dear Family in Christ,
Lori Hagewood and her kids, Mathias, Sabrina, and Daniel, tried to estimate how many people were praying for Samuel, and they came up with one thousand, six hundred and forty. But from the messages, we believe that estimate is conservative.
We give glory to God for what He is doing in Samuel's life. And we thank each one of you for lifting his name up in prayer.

We are now in recuperation stage, 1st day after the surgery. He bathed and is getting used to pain, counted his 14th shot for the year, and is sleeping a lot. His diet is liquid, but he still isn't interested in eating. Pretty soon we are getting up to take a walk.

Here are a couple of pictures right after he got back from the surgery.

The surgery was a success. Keep praying for a speedy recuperation and the biopsy.
blessings to all,

Joseph and Edda

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