Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life on Hold

         In times of sickness, our life gets interrupted or put on hold, and our sole desire is to get better, to get back to normal, to our daily routine. We still have a time to wait though. Samuel has been through a battery of tests to see the cause of his chronic diarrhea. The doctors found an "extense, vegetative, hardened, irregular lesion" about 30 cm up his intestine, and it is partially blocking his intestine. We are now waiting for the biopsy to tell us what it is and what to do. According to the doctors, it could be a tumor (unlikely since intestinal tumors in children are very rare), bacterial infection (like tuberculosis, yes, it can get you in your intestine), or Crohn's disease.
          Samuel is being a good sport. He is about to be cured of his trypanofobia (fear of needles). He just can't stand his diet: only a special milk for Crohn's disease patients, no food, no water, nothing else.
          We appreciate the prayers of everyone. We are praying and fasting, and waiting on the Father, who takes good care of Samuel. Routine is on hold, but maybe we are getting an extra dose of LIFE.

            Joseph and Edda McKinney

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