Monday, July 22, 2013

Teaching, Cleaning and Planning

I traveled to Patos at the end of June to teach an intensive course on Romans, visited with evangelists from four different congregations and met with three congregations.  It was an encouraging and productive trip.
                The class on Romans was 12 hours long.  It was supposed to be 15 hours but got cut short because of the rain.  The city of Patos got about three inches of rain.  That is a lot of rain for the desert region of the state and it had been a while since such a hard rain.  The drain at the back of the building was stopped up because a cat had crawled into the drain pipe under the building and died.  The water backed up and eventually flowed into the church building.  The class stopped and the clean up began.  Everyone was really excited with the rain.  They all enjoyed the class as well, and we were able to finish the whole book.
                Two of the evangelists were in my class on Romans so it was easy to visit with them.  The other two were about 30 miles away so I went and visited them and met with the two congregations in those cities.  We also planned our next moves for the Great Supper in October (a weekend for all of the Christians in Paraíba to get together for fellowship, learning, teaching, and evangelizing in the host city).
Please pray for:
·         The evangelists:  Luciano, Santo, Givanildo, and Silvan
·         The congregations in the cities:  Patos, Belem, Emas, and Catingueira
·         The unity of the church in all of Paraíba

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