Monday, July 29, 2013

Seeds Sprouting in Unexpected Places

I studied the Bible with a deacon from the Presbyterian denomination for months last year. The study ended for lack of interest.
Last week, on a beautiful Sunday morning with rain pouring down, I was teaching Sunday school to the adults. In walks a woman I had never seen. I go up to meet her, yes, in the middle of class, after waiting to see if anyone recognized her and was going to get up and speak to her. No one did, so I went. I said, "Good morning, my name is Jeremy. What's yours?". She said, "Good morning, my name is Flavia. I am Luiz's sister." I immediately began running through the Luizs I knew to make a connection. I guess my brain was a little slow and along with the blank look on my face she saw that I did not make the connection. She explained to me which Luiz to which she was referring, the deacon.
I had been to her house and studied the Bible with her father and her brother but had never met her. She seems open and is seeking the truth. Isn't it interesting where the seeds of the Gospel fall. Did I plant the seed in her life? How? You know what I see through this experience? I see God. He is not far off. The Lord is close and active. Let him use you to share His Word with others.

Please pray:
  • that Flavia will continue to seek the truth in God's Word;
  • that Luiz will continue his search for truth in God's Word.

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