Monday, July 22, 2013

Say a Little Prayer for These

The basis of our mission work is starting congregations of people to spread the Gospel throughout the state of Paraiba. Faith, maturity, vision, personalities, personal experiences, resources, and opportunities all play a part in the success or the lack of success of this mission. We need God, we need God working through these disciples, we need God doing the impossible through incapable servants in this work. Please pray for these congregations:  João Pessoa (Luna, Manaira, Colinas, Mandacaru, Mangabeira), Campina Grande, Patos, Cajazeiras, Alagoinha, Areial, Belem do Brejo do Cruz, Caruaru, Catingueira, Cubati, Emas, and the brand new São José do Bomfim. And may God bring about more!

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